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Birthday Room Decoration

Birthday Room Decoration
Honeymoon Package
F&B Special Promotion
Birthday Room Decoration


Starts from IDR 400.000


  • Helium Baloon 
  • Balloon
  • Balloon Foil Letters
  • Complementary birthday Slice Cake 
  • Greeting Card
  • Art Towel   

Besides chocolates and flowers, what else is the most romantic and special birthday gift for a loved one?

One of the romantic and surprises for couples is the romantic, warm and calm room atmosphere. And to get this super special room atmosphere, one way is to use balloons as the main material for decorating hotel rooms.

Staycation and celebrating birthdays privately at hotels are things that have been done a lot. To make this moment even more special, don't hesitate to contact the hotel and ask to provide a special hotel room.

A special and romantic hotel room doesn't always mean you get a room with a charming city view. You can also get a romantic hotel room by asking the hotel to add decorations such as flowers or a birthday surprise with balloons and other knick-knacks that are tailored to the room decor as a reminder that this is your birthday celebration.



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